At Vinh Hoan, we believe that what you put in by way of preparation has a profound impact on what you ultimately achieve.

Each step of our process is closely scrutinised so that we continuously exceed our customers’ needs. We know that for the modern consumers, only the very highest quality will do. They want to make informed decisions based upon verified facts and require of their chosen brands: sustainability, accountability, transparency and traceability.

Today, aquaculture goes beyond simply satisfying the protein demands. It is an opportunity to revitalize economies, take pressure off strained ecosystems, and deliver safe, healthy, food and wellness products to millions of people around the globe. And, that is something worth working for.

The environment in which we rear our Pangasius is a critical determinant of the quality of our products. We go to enormous lengths to ensure that it is managed sustainably – maintained only to the very highest standards, and in compliance with every reputable regulatory body.

We are immensely proud of who we are, where we come from and the passion and love that inform what we do. We understand that our customers feel the same way about their futures, their children’s and their grandchildren’s too. To us, it is the love, the care and our sense of responsibility that makes us sustainable and informs everything we do.

-Ms.Nguyen Ngo Vi Tam, CEO.