Circular Economic


To become a market leader, Vinh Hoan has pursued an innovative and proactive strategy. Our strategic development is based on the circular economy model, which enables value chain optimization, waste minimization, and value creation from by-products and substandard products. Along with providing delightful and high-quality meals, the company has diligently researched and utilized abundant ingredients from Pangasius is to bring collagen, gelatin, fish oil, fish food, and so on to customers. With this efficient solution, Vinh Hoan has been successfully implemented a zero waste process.

Our Commitment

Quality assurance and sustainability is more than words

Vinh Hoan’s dream is to bring true values to society and the environment through sustainable seafood products. This will act as a bridge to help everyone enjoy delicious and nutritious meals while saving time and resources. A faithful commitment to the present and the future.



Our promises are certified. We have been trusted by greet commitments.
Our prestigious certifications have gradually developed a solid commitment.


Social Resposibility (CSR)

Along with sustainable development, Vinh Hoan aims to be a strong pillar of the community and a successful starting point for employees. That’s why our social responsibility is focused on social support, social education, and care for employees — three specialized areas where we can be more impactful than ever. To validate our words, we have executed many meaningful campaigns over the years.

Social Support Improving living standards and deliver relief in time of need are the two main goals that we aim at in this area.

– Covid-19 support: When the ongoing pandemic, communities face difficulties. We quickly provided timely relief packages to coorAdinate with the community to prevent the disease outbreak.

  • VND billion 15 (i.e. USD 700,000) was sent to the national and provincial hospitals and health/disease control organizations to equip them with ventilators and testing packages.
    VND billion 1 was sent to the vaccine fund of the Central Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Fron
  • 5000 BASAmaster products, 20 Sa Giang boxes, and 50kg of fish sausage were sent to community kitchen serve for frontline workers and unskilled workers.

– Light of Dream: 1000 free eye surgery with a budget of more than VND million 500 for the elderly in difficult circumstances. Unfortunately, they have eye diseases that can cause blindness. This program is performed by us and doctors in Ho Chi Minh City every year.

– Light Up Country Road: Nearly VND billion 2 was sponsored by us for the installation of lighting systems on rural roads in Dong Thap to improve people’s lives in the countryside.

– House for The Needy: We accompany Dong Thap Provincial People’s Committee to build solid houses for low-income people with a total value of up to billions of dong every year.

– The Compassionate Hearts: Fundraising VND million 240 for poor people with heart disease who have undergone successful heart transplantation;

Besides, many other social support and health care activities for disadvantaged people are carried out by us with a total value of billions of dong per year.

Education Vinh Hoan has provided many scholarships annually to promote human knowledge and talents.

  • Nguyễn Sinh Sắc Scholarship Fund: VND billion 1 was contributed to accompany this scholarship fund for study and talent promotion activities to give wings to the dreams of thousands of disadvantaged students for many years.
  • Internship Program: We help students to intern at Vinh Hoan factory with methodical guidance and learn professional working processes. This is also the foundation for Vinh Hoan’s future workforce.
  • Besides, we cooperate with Dong Thap People’s Committee to support and give encouragement gifts to disadvantaged students in the locality with billions of dong in funding over the years.

Care For Employees Recognizing that our people are our most valuable asset, Vinh Hoan’s welfare, and labor regulations ensure transparency and equity for all employees.

  • Building Houses for Workers: In 2017, we completed the first phase of 39 houses. In 2020, we will deploy phase 2 with a total investment of more than VND billion 70. This project has a scale of more than 1.6ha and built more than 180 apartments to arrange accommodation for nearly 1,400 workers.
  • LE&TRUONG Foundation: We believe: health and inclusion should be a right, not a privilege. With a total fund budget of VN billion 2. We focus on main activities which support worker’s children with scholarships for a better educational future. The money in the fund will be invested in Vietnam and all profits from the investment will be used for charity work.
    Grants for Worker: we supported employees who had poor living conditions, gave monetary support to illness, and offered support to education through its Scholarship Fund with a total value of nearly VND 500 million.
  • Mental health care for employees: We also highly value the mental health of our employees. After working hours, the union organizes annual entertainment and exchange activities, travel trips, and team building for employees.
  • About employee’s career paths, with people as the core, Vinh Hoan always focuses on supporting mid-and senior-level employees to improve work efficiency by participating in classes and training courses designed to help employees improve their professional skills.