Circular Economic


To become a market leader, Vinh Hoan has pursued an innovative and proactive strategy. Our strategic development is based on the circular economy model, which enables value chain optimization, waste minimization, and value creation from by-products and substandard products. Along with providing delightful and high-quality meals, we have diligently researched and utilized abundant ingredients from Pangasius to bring collagen, gelatin, fish oil, fish food, and many more to customers. With this model, Vinh Hoan will aim towards implementing zero-waste process. 


Our Commitment

Quality assurance and sustainability is more than words

Vinh Hoan’s dream is to bring true values to society and the environment through sustainable seafood products. This will act as a bridge to help everyone enjoy delicious and nutritious meals while saving time and resources. All at the same, our processing industry contributes to environmental protection and provides a stable source of income for local residents. Additionally, with a focus on people, Vinh Hoan’s members are a key element of the company’s expansion. As a consequence of the this factor, everyone who works for Vinh Hoan has the opportunity to grow and enjoy life’s precious values. A faithful commitment to the present and the future.



Our promises are certified. We have been trusted by greet commitments.
Our prestigious certifications have gradually developed a solid commitment.


Social Resposibility (CSR)

Along with sustainable development, Vinh Hoan aims to be a strong pillar of the community and a successful starting point for employees. Since then, our values have included environmental responsibility, community welfare, and bridging the gap between employees.

To validate our words, we have executed many meaningful campaigns over the years, which include establishing a fund to help underprivileged families, awarding hundreds of valuable scholarships, sponsoring hospital equipment, making a contribution to the anti-COVID-19 fund, providing training through valuable courses, and so on.

Social support


Care For Employees