Vu Lan, the seventh lunar month, is an opportunity for everyone to show their respect and gratitude for the birth and upbringing of their parents and grandparents. Therefore, Vu Lan has become a traditional holiday with a humanistic meaning, expressing the spirit of gratitude of the Vietnamese people. 

On August 22, 2022, Vinh Hoan Corporation and our member companies organized an annual event for Parents’ workers. At the event, gifts were given to parents’ workers and Madam Truong Thi Le Khanh, chairwoman, and founder of Vinh Hoan shared about why gratitude for our parents is necessary and important. Gratitude is also one of the essential core values that Vinh Hoan has been maintaining for many years. 

At the event, People’s Artist Bach Tuyet and People’s Artist Thanh Hai were invited. Bach Tuyet is well-known for her sweet singing voice in the Cai Luong (reformed opera) circle in Southern Vietnam and has been called a precious gem of Cai Luong. She shared a beautiful story about love with her parents which moved everyone. 

















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