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Dear Valued Shareholders and Stakeholders,

Vinh Hoan proudly is one of the first businesses to realize in the potential of pangasius and industrialize the process & scale. With the infinite source of aspiration, we constantly strived for greater miracles in the seafood industry for more than the last 20 years of operation.

In the next phase of development, Vinh Hoan will continue to develop the digitalization of production management system, biotechnology, corporate governance improvement, as those are our key strategies to continue as a frontier leader in this space. In addition, we plan to develop the circular economy model headed for environmental-friendliness and sustainable development, as well as create the value chain for further agricultural products.

As Vinh Hoan enters the next phase of development, the passion, commitment, and responsibility that we share will remain the key to our future. On that path, we engrave in our hearts the support of our customers, especially those who have trusted and accompanied Vinh Hoan from the very first days.

Madam Truong Thi Le Khanh
Founder and Chairwoman
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At Vinh Hoan, we believe that what you put in by way of preparation has a profound impact on what you ultimately achieve.

Each step of our process is closely scrutinised so that we continuously exceed our customers’ needs. We know that the modern consumers want to make informed decisions based upon verified facts and require of their chosen brands: sustainability, accountability, transparency and traceability.

The environment in which we rear our Pangasius is a critical determinant of the quality of our products. We go to enormous lengths to ensure that it is managed sustainably – maintained only to the very highest standards, and in compliance with every reputable regulatory body.

We are immensely proud of who we are, where we come from and the passion and love that inform what we do. We understand that our customers feel the same way about their futures, their children’s and their grandchildren’s too. To us, it is the love, the care and our sense of responsibility that makes us sustainable and informs everything we do.

Ms. Nguyen Ngo Vi Tam
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Story & Timeline

Established in 1997 in Dong Thap province, Vinh Hoan has undertaken significant developments. From its humble beginning as a small fish processor located in Dong Thap Province of Mekong Delta, Vinh Hoan has rapidly grown to the global pangasius leader specializing in the farming and processing of frozen pangasius products. At the doorway to Vinh Hoan’s next phase of growth, we look forward to furthering achievements and create more sustainable values for customers and community.


• Established as Vinh Hoan Limited Company in Sa Dec, Dong Thap, Vietnam


• Transformed the business model to Vinh Hoan Limited Company


• Established a seafood workshop in Cao Lanh, Dong Thap, Vietnam


• Listed on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange
• Established Workshop 2


• Established Workshop 3


• Become the world’s largest exporter of Pangasius fish according to theVietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers


• Vinh Wellness commenced operation


• Awarded with First Class Labour Order by the Government of Vietnam
• Ranked by Forbes Vietnam: Top 50 best Vietnamese publicly traded companies.
• Established Vinh Aquaculture division to promote research, development, and education, as well as to supply the stable input for production.


• Vinh Hoan acquired Thanh Binh, Dong Thap to expand production capacity.
• Celebrated 20th year anniversary of Vinh Hoan’s journey


• Establish Vinh Phuoc Food to expand production capacity.


• Established Vinh Hoan Hatchery complex with the high-tech application for improvement in farming performance.


• R&D Center of Vinh Hoan Collagen has been put into operation
• Established Vinh Technology in Singapore to search for the next up and coming technology and applications that can help turn the aquaculture industry into an optimal food system
• Acquire Sa Giang Joint Stock Company to bring a wide variety of foods to the global market


• Commenced construction of Feed One aquatic feed factory
• Established Thanh Ngoc Agricultural Products Co., Ltd (TNG Food)
• Completion of Sa Giang 3 factory specializing in processing rice products.
• Completed two blocks that have more than 6300 apartments for employees.
• Vinh Tech made a strategic investment in Shiok Meats and Entobel.

Mission & Vision

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Our Mission

To affirm our market-leading position and contribute to sustainable aquaculture globally by continuous innovation, environmental protection, and efficiency improvement in all business aspects.

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Our Vision

To be a global aquaculture leader providing safe, sumptuous, and healthy food solutions in a sustainable and environmentalfriendly manner.

Core Values


  • Commitment

    Say and do the right things

  • Professionalism

    Prompt and proactive actions under strict regulatory compliance

  • Sharing

    Sharing is caring

  • Dedication

    Work wholeheartedly for the benefit of all

  • Innovation

    Constant development and differentiation

Who we are?

We believe in laying solid foundations and have invested to ensure that the fundamentals of our organization are in place. Vital to our business are the people and as such, we are proud to have an experienced, committed and adept management team.

On the threshold of the next phase of our development, we reckon that teamwork always lies at the heart of our success. The hard work and dedication of our people have enabled us to become what we are today.


At Vinh Hoan, we passionately care about what we do. By being detail oriented, we have gained, over the years, an excellent reputation for not only the quality of our products, but also our commitment to innovation, state-of-the-art facilities, transparency, accountability and openness in all our dealings. However, our utmost important pillar of commitment is to care and respect our people.

As we go forward, it is our intention to build upon our reputation, both in the markets that we currently serve and those we will enter in the future. We are very clear that to sustain our success, from the management of our ponds to satisfying the needs of our customers, we will need to be attentive to small details that will be vital to our on-going success.

What we do?


The primary source of the majority in our freshwater products is the Premium Pangasius which we farm, harvest and process at our facilities. We can foresee that there are much more applications for Pangasius than just food products, collagen and gelatin. As such, we look forward to explore and be the frontier leader to many more applications of this fish in the future.


We intend to be around for a long time; to be sustainable, a respected, world-class business, and a market leader that leads through innovation, providing high quality, healthy, nutritious products to families all over the world.

To achieve this, we know that we must be responsible and fulfill our duties and commitments we have ingrained within our company’s culture: social, environmental and economic, to all of our stakeholders - in Vietnam and across the globe. We also believe in fulfilling our promises, and over the years we have gained a reputation for our integrity and the transparent and accountable way that we relate to our respective communities.

In everything we do, we commit to implement and meet the highest international standards, and always do our best to ensure that anyone who hears, sees, tastes and knows Vinh Hoan and our products gain a positive experience.

As the world’s leading producer of Pangasius derived products, we take our responsibilities seriously and expect to play our part in ensuring that there is not only a sustainable future for our business, but also one for our customers, our communities – and, most importantly, their children.


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Our Identity

Our Name And Our Corporate Identity

In Sino-Vietnamese, the name ‘Vinh Hoan’ means ‘Forever Global’, signifying both our dream of bringing the Pangasius and all its benefits to the world and our wish to be a long-lasting sustainable entity by its core values. These elements are simply demonstrated through our Corporate logo of the fish inside a circle, the infinite world.

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Our Traditional Vietnamese Houses

To symbolize a way to connect the old and young generation as well as to continue to preserve the heritage of Vietnamese culture, at each and every location of Vinh Hoan, there will always be a Vietnamese traditional – style wooden house which is used daily by our employees for meetings and social get – togethers.

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