Dear Valued Shareholders and Stakeholders,

For as long as one can remember, the image of sesbania and water lily blossoming in the natural high surge season has been paired with that of native fish and fresh water species, creating a lively canvas of the people’s lives in Mekong Delta. That painting has been further embroidered since the birth of the Basa and Pangasius fish industry, within which Vinh Hoan has left its indelible footprint for more than the last 20 years of operation. It has also been the infinite source of aspiration for Vinh Hoan to constantly strive for greater miracles in the seafood industry.

In the journey to achieving the milestones that we have set ourselves in the industry, we never forget where we have come from, and the vital role that our heritage will play in our future. Our heartbeat is our people. None of what we have achieved, to date, could have been done without the hard work of our employees. Their commitment has been the bedrock upon which our success has been constructed. Together, we continue to improve product quality, enhance its values and build our brands toward sustainable development.

Along with the internal endeavors, we engrave in our hearts the support of our customers, especially those who have trusted and accompanied Vinh Hoan from the very first days. As Vinh Hoan enters the next phase of development, the passion, commitment, and responsibility that we share will remain as the key to our future.

Being true, strong and resilient as the flowers of Mekong River, Vinh Hoan has been steadily improving and leading in production and business management. Vinh Hoan has a mission of constantly diversifying our products produced and processed from Pangasius, raising its values to a new height towards the community, consumer’s health, and their family.

We wish that Vinh Hoan’s wide range of products will not only bring joy but also happiness and confidence to the life of our consumers. That has been and will always be our mission, our true calling, and our promise to customers.

– Madame. Truong Thi Le Khanh, Founder & Chairwoman Of The Board.