Aquaculture is the farming of aquatic organisms, including fish, molluscs, crustaceans, and aquatic plants. Aquaculture is often cited as the only sustainable means of increasing the fish supply to meet the food needs of the world’s growing population. Developing that potential is the focus of Vinh Hoan through our inland freshwater aquaculture.

While aquaculture already provides over half the world’s seafood, end-consumers today are factoring environmental sustainability into their purchasing decisions. Concern not only for taste, but also for quality and nutrition drive consumer behaviour in this sector. As such, environmental sustainability at the farming level impacts all the way up the value chain.

Vinh Aquaculture, a division of Vinh Hoan, is committed to our ability to increase the productivity of food and wellness products in a manner that is both sustainable and profitable. Through our innovative practices, we are working to set benchmarks for ensuring the responsible development of the aquaculture industry as a whole. Done right our aquacultural practices create jobs, stimulate local economies, provide food and other fish-based health related consumer products with a light carbon footprint.