The Chairwoman of Vinh Hoan Corporation – Mdm. Truong Thi Le Khanh – was introduced as the new Chairwoman of VASEP’s Freshwater Fish Committee by VASEP’s Executive Board at the latest annual meeting of VASEP on August 28, 2017. The committee is among VASEP’s three seafood committees (including the Shrimp Committee, the Freshwater Fish Committee and the Marine Fisheries Committee). In her new position, Khanh is responsible to VASEP’s Executive Committee and the committee members. Members of the Freshwater Fish Committee are VASEP’s member whose activities involve in freshwater fish production and trading. The Committee can raise additional fund beyond the annual membership fee to support the Committee’s specific missions with common consent from members.
In her inaugural address and sharing session with the audience, Khanh told the story of the pangasius industry over the past 30 years, the advantages and disadvantages faced by the industry, especially the negative media surrounding the fish. She also emphasized the solutions must come from within the industry, from “the basics first, then continue with the brand building. We have to prove to our customers that Vietnam pangasius is safe, not just with certificates but with de facto evidence to strengthen their confidence. ”
She also called for support from the government and competent agencies in terms of legislation and policies for the pangasius sector to facilitate the export process.
Hopefully with the enthusiasm and leadership of the new Chairman, the Freshwater Fish Committee will generate a “helpful playground” for VASEP members, and bringing forth real benefits to them.

Mdm. Khanh at Annual Meeting of VASEP
Mdm. Khanh at Annual Meeting of VASEP – Photo credit: Vinh Hoan