(Bangkok) On January 29, 2019, Woolworths has awarded its “Innovation of the Year” prize to its long-term supplier Vinh Hoan Corporation for Woolworths Fish Bites product line including “Crumbed Tartarte Infused Fish Bites” and “Southern Style Crumbed Fish Bites” brands.

These are two on-shelf brands, and two more expected to be launched in March. All four brands under this value-added line were developed by R&D department of Vinh Hoan based on Australian consumer taste and top foodie trends. This marked the first time a new product line under Woolworths brand being developed outside of the retailer’s R&D team.

The prize falls among various categories of “Supplier of the Year” Award of the largest Australian supermarket/grocery store chain to recognize its suppliers during the year. The award is a program conducted through the collation of scores on each supplier’s performance across various aspects of Woolworths’ business such as buying, replenishment capability, quality assurance and operations.

Vinh Hoan started supplying to Woolworths since 2016. After 2 years, total sales to this retailer giant increased by 12 times. Besides Fish Bites line, Vinh Hoan also supplied pangasius fillet and barramundi portion cut products, all under Woolworths brand.

hinh giai thuong woolworth

Vinh Hoan’s Chairwoman received Innovation of the Year prize from Woolworths’ representatives. Credit: Vinh Hoan Corporation