In its March issue, Forbes Vietnam for the first time shortlisted the most influential women in Vietnam from different fields such as: politics, economics, science, education, etc… Mdm. Truong Thi Le Khanh – CEO of Vinh Hoan Corporation is honored to be enlisted among top 20.

Established since 1997 as a pangasius (aka swai, tra, Vietnamese catfish) producer, Vinh Hoan has optimized its supply chain’s value with vertically integrated production from feed production – hatchery/farm – processing – export and collagen extraction from by products (fish’s skin). Since 2009, under Mdm. Khanh’s leadership, Vinh Hoan Corp has always been the market leader. In 2015, Vinh Hoan reported USD 235 million in export value, approx. VND 6,500 billion VND in revenue and VND323 billion in net profit after tax.

US is Vinh Hoan’s most successful market where it has gained 45% market share in 2015. The corporation enjoyed competitive advantage in this market thanks to zero antidumping duty imposed by US Department of Commerce.

The company went listed since 2007, with 92.3 million outstanding shares and total market capitalization of USD117 million. Mdm. Khanh is now the CEO cum chairwoman of the Board of Directors, as well as the largest shareholder with 49.32% ownership.