AnGiang,. (Sep. 7, 2019) VinhHoan Hatchery Company official held a ceremony today marking the groundbreaking for a $2.07 million Hatchery Complex. The new hatchery will operate both R&D and production facilities and be applied by new technology in the hatchery and nursery phases  to improve the health of the broodstock and the fingerlings. Madam Khanh, Chairwoman Of VinhHoan Corp spoke during the ceremony and highlighted how this project has been a great partnership between all agencies involved.  The large-scale nursery and hatchery will be designed to supply higher-quality fingerlings not only to Vinh Hoan’s farms, but also for the market.She said that she feels confident this project that contributed to the development of economic fisheries, increased exports for the region.

Furthermore, representative of the An Giang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development confirmed the hatchery Complex of VinhHoan Hatchery  Company is one of projects that is urged to invest in AnGiang province, to meet the shortage of high-quality breed resources in the An Giang and DongThap.

The hatchery complex project is a part of the step in the right direction for substainble development in pangasius sector. Fingerlings are one of the most important of the quality of pangasius and growing production capacity. Therefore, VinhHoan had funds set aside for investment in three key areas: broodstock, water quality, and feed.