High-tech fingerlings project

Vinh Hoan owns a farming area with closed processing and exporting process of pangasius, Vinh Hoan achieves the largest export value in the industry. However, the quality of the seed is always a concern for us. Founder and Chairwoman of Vinh Hoan, Madam Truong Thi Le Khanh said that when there is no good source of seed, the farming process will be greatly lost, leading to an increase in input costs. While the quality of raw fish has not met the requirements. 

In early 2019, Vinh Hoan launched a project to produce pangasius fingerlings using multiple new scientific applications, aiming to improve the quality of fingerlings in a sustainable way without raising production costs.

trai nuoi ca giong

Phase 1 of the project will be implemented on the existing land area in Vinh Hoa, An Giang province, then it will expand to an area of more than 200 hectares. Located at the headwaters of the Tien River, which is supplied with water by the Mekong all year round, Vinh Hoa islet (Vinh Hoa commune, Tan Chau town) is considered an ideal place for pangasius to spawn and grow naturally.

Fingerlings are considered an important factor contributing to production efficiency and improving pangasius quality, meeting domestic and world demand. In order to improve the quality of pangasius fingerlings, there are three important factors to consider: broodstock quality, water quality and feed quality.  These are the issues that Vinh Hoan has invested a lot of resources in to research the best application.

The direction of this project is to solve the challenges of the pangasius hatchery industry by strict environment control, targeted procedures, appropriate feed sources in the early stages, modern fingerlings transportation equipment, and vaccination to maintain the health of fingerlings before moving to commercial fish farming.

The project is part of a step in the right direction for the sustainable development of the pangasius industry. High-tech fingerlings project will contribute to creating a new breakthrough for the project of linking production of high quality 3-level pangasius seed in the Mekong Delta.