Through Oct-15-2017, total pangasius export value to Brazil reached USD79.6m, up 66.2% year-on-year. Brazil is among the fastest growing exporting markets of Vietnam pangasius, with the highest year-on-year growth rate as of Sep 2017 (up 103.3%).

According to International Trade Center, through Sep 2017, Vietnam surpassed Argentina to become the largest supplier of whitefish to Brazil, with total white fish exports value recorded at USD 125.6m. Besides, Brazil also imported other white fish from China, Portugal, Chile, Peru, etc,..

Through Sep, Brazil mostly imported frozen Hake fillets (HS code: 030474) and frozen Hake (HS Code: 030366) from Argentia: Alaskan Pollock (HS code: 030366) and frozen Hake fillets (HS code: 030474) and frozen Cod fillets (HS code: 030471) from China, frozen Cod fillets (HS code: 030471) and Cod-whole fish (HS code: 030363) from Portugal. The Q4 forecast is Brazil will continue to increase by 25-50% versus last year. Currently, the high-quality pangasius products receive more interests from Brazillian customers.