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Dear Valued Customer,

We want to thank you for being a valued customer. As the Covid-19 virus continues to impact our daily lives and operations worldwide, we would like to share with you what we have strived to manage our operation at the least disruptive level and seek for your co-operation to mitigate the impacts on our supply chain.

Brief updates on Covid-19 situation in Vietnam

    • Vietnam has seen the new wave of Covid-19 since late April 2021.
    • Up to date, there have been approximately 37,000 confirmed cases.
    • Ho Chi Minh city and some Southern provinces (where most of the seafood factories are located) are under either lockdown or social distancing measures.
    • Along with epidemic prevention efforts, Vietnam is also implementing Covid-19 vaccination for the community. Vietnam currently has approximately 0.29% of population having received two doses of vaccines and 3.7% with the first dose.

We are pleased that Vinh Hoan has played a significant role in the country’s efforts to contain the outbreak. We are proud of resilience and focus of our employees so that Vinh Hoan is one of the few fish companies in Vietnam which are open for business. Specifically:

    • Vinh Hoan has been contributing a total amount VND billion 15 (i.e. USD 700,000) to the national and provincial hospitals and health/disease control organizations to equip them with ventilators and testing packages.
    • We tested 100% of our workers for Covid-19 on July 13, 2021 and no infection was reported. We have invested nearly USD 500,000 to be able to test our employees on a weekly basis.
    • All of our employees have received Covid-19 vaccine.
    • As instructed by the local government, Vinh Hoan has been the first and is currently the only fish company having built temporary dormitories for processing workers so they can stay in a safe zone and work during the lockdown period where travel is very much restricted.
    • All of our trucking partners have been complying with national regulations according to which the drivers have to present negative test result to transport goods from factory to port.
    • We have increased the frequency of disinfection practices and provided awareness materials for all employees to train in protection measures.

We want you to know that the health and wellbeing of our employees and our community is our top priority and we are closely monitoring the evolving situation. Adding to such challenges in production is the tumultuous period of global shipping industry. Therefore, we look forward to your understanding and co-operation if there are delays of shipments in the coming weeks. Up to 3-week delay could be anticipated depending on the bookings available.

We appreciate your support during this challenging time. We are committed to safety maintaining business continuity.  We continue to work closely with you to monitor the shipping schedules.


Tam Nguyen – CEO