In an era where sustainability is paramount, the spotlight has turned to the seafood industry, prompting a critical examination of farming practices and their environmental impact. Vinh Hoan, a pioneering and vertically integrated company in the Pangasius industry, is leading the way towards sustainability.

Pangasius farming practices stand out as a beacon of sustainability in the seafood landscape. The strong consumer demand for environmentally friendly seafood is met and exceeded by the sustainability focus in pangasius farming.

At Vinh Hoan, our commitment to sustainable farming practices is unwavering. We continuously explore and implement new projects and farming methods to ensure our fish are raised sustainably. Our recent agreement with Entobel to examine insect meal protein as a feed ingredient is a testament to this. 

Our leadership in the pangasius industry is a testament to the positive changes achievable within the seafood industry. As the call for sustainability grows louder, pangasius exemplifies the potential for responsible aquaculture to shape a more eco-conscious and sustainable seafood landscape.