On June 11, 2022, the Light of Dream project that supports the elderly with difficult circumstances with eye surgeries reached the milestone of sponsoring 4,000 cases for more than six years with a total budget of nearly 4 billion VND. The program was organized by Vinh Hoan, in collaboration with doctors and hospitals in Dong Thap province. 

A cataract is a widespread disease and the leading cause of blindness in Vietnam. Currently, there is no way to prevent or slow the development of cataracts other than surgery. However, the cost of surgery is relatively high, while the rate of blindness due to cataracts is high among the poor due to many limitations in living conditions and medical care. Therefore, free eye examination, examination, and surgery for poor blind patients are more urgent and meaningful than ever. Cooperating with medical staff and hospital agencies in Dong Thap province, Vinh Hoan established the LIGHT OF DREAM project to sponsor thousands of cataract eye surgeries annually. We hope that it is a practical and meaningful project to support community health. 

anh sang uoc mo 2022 1

anh sang uoc mo 2022

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