The rules announce FSIS(1) ’s determination that the Siluriformes fish inspection in Vietnam, China and Thailand are equivalent to the United State system under the Federal Meat Inspection Act – FMIA and its implementing regulations.

Expected impacts of the rules on pangasius imports from Vietnam

The US import of pangasius from Vietnam, China and Thailand had not stopped since USDA(2) took over the authority to maintain the safety of the fish from U.S. Food and Drug Administration, as FSIS has allowed shipments to continue while it is investigated. FSIS terminated the ability of 11 other countries, including India, Bangladesh, Guyana, Nigeria, Pakistan, Myanmar, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Canada, Mexico and the Gambia, to send their pangasius to the U.S. after these countries fail to file their self-reporting tools.

Passing onsite inspections was by far the most significant step in the initial equivalence process for all three countries, but Vietnam has mattered the most as it accounted more than 90% of the U.S.’s Siluriformes fish imports from 2013-2018.

(1): Food Safety and Inspection Service

(2): The United States Department of Agriculture