Message from chairwoman – Madam Truong Thi Le Khanh 

Vinh Hoan has become the leading exporter of Pangasius since 2010. Up to now, Vinh Hoan has maintained its lead with spectacular growth every year. After 25 years of establishment, we have achieved “Vinh Hoan – Proud to lead” and are honored to have that achievement widely recognized. It is an arduous process with a strong will to overcome challenges.  

When it comes to Vinh Hoan, people often think of a company with most female leaders, a spirit of overcoming difficulties with a strong will. As shared by Mr. Pham Thien Nghia – Chairman of the People’s Committee of Dong Thap province: The more difficult it is, the more Vinh Hoan can express itself, and the higher its achievements will be. This statement is a great pressure for Vinh Hoan. We understand that challenges and opportunities are constantly intertwined. Success only comes to those who seize opportunities and know how to overcome adversities. 

At Vinh Hoan, we are proud to have built a team of people who work wholeheartedly and dedicatedly, who share and strongly believe in karma always to act right and honorably, gaining customers’ trust. The company has become the second family in the heart of each member of Vinh Hoan. This is where we share our joys and sorrows, dedicate our minds to each other, synergize, and all look towards a common goal. For many years, Vinh Hoan has actively contributed to the fish industry, pioneered in removing technical barriers, creating opportunities for Vinh Hoan to continuously row and become a company with a large market capitalization in Vietnam’s seafood industry. 

From a company established with an initial capital of 21,000 USD in 1997, In 2016, Vinh Hoan wrote a song of the impressive 20-year journey with a market capitalization of 220 million USD. From the 20-year milestone until now, we have changed our ways in looking at the entire pangasius production chain: from fingerlings, feeds, farming technology, and processing to marketing to build Vinh Hoan to become a STRONG BRAND. The company has boldly left its comfort zone and started many new projects. 

The stories about Vinh Hoan’s journey and Pangasius will be continued by Vinh Hoan’s successive generations. This journey certainly requires the support and love of customers, partners, suppliers, experts, state management agencies, and especially the unity of Vinh Hoan’s staff. 

We sincerely thank you with our deepest gratitude!