Forbes Vietnam’s issue No.37 released in early June has honored top 50 best Vietnamese publicly traded companies.

Out of more than 700 listed companies, the potential candidates must undergo 3 screening criteria:

(1) Market capitalization over VND 300bn,
(2) FY15 sales over VND 150bn,
(3) Positive net profit after tax for FY15.

These companies were then evaluated based on their key financial metrics: compound annual growth rate of revenue, net profit, average ROC, ROE and EPS over five-year period from 2011-2015. The chosen companies showed not only high-ranking financial performance but also strong corporate governance and growth potential.

Top 50’s cumulative market capitalization was over VND 800,000bn, constituting 62% of the entire market (based on the outstanding shares and closing price as of May 16, 2016).

With strong business result of VND 6,493bn and VND 323bn in net revenue and NPAT respectively in 2015, Vinh Hoan Corp. (HOSE: VHC) has made its 3rd straight presence in the rankings. Additionally, Vinh Hoan is the only seafood company made it to the list, with its outstanding performance despite the industry’s downturn last year. Vinh Hoan exported US228m of pangasius in 2015, accounting for 18% of share of total industry.

< Source: Forbes Magazine 2016 June issue, pp. 48>