During the Sustainable Development “Good for business, Good for planet” Conference held by Nhip Cau Dau Tu magazine on Wednesday, Vinh Hoan Corporation was honored in the Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Awards 2022. 

This award aims to promote the sustainable development trend spreading among the business community and Vietnamese society and honor businesses that typically implement sustainable development strategies and adopt commitments for green growth and community responsibilities. 

Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Enterprises 2022 were evaluated and voted based on five main assessment criteria: Stable growth, sustainable corporate culture, corporate governance, environmental protection, and social responsibility. The judicial panel is reputable international and local experts. According to the criteria, the program is based on data and advice from the Council of Examiners of representatives from HSBC Bank, Deloitte Vietnam, FTI (Singapore), Talent Net, Research, and Development Institute of Circular Economy…. and international practices to ensure the accuracy of the assessment. 

Honoring green businesses, serving the community 

Recently, awareness development towards systemic issues including climate change, diseases, natural resource depletion, and gender inequality has promoted investment trends following ESG criteria or sustainable investment in the region. Recognizing this importance, the Government signed Decision No. 167/QD-TTg approving the “Program to support private business sector in sustainable development period 2022 – 2025”. 

The program aims to raise awareness of the private sector business community’s role and the importance of sustainable business. 

Sustainable development is a key pillar of Vinh Hoan’s strategy. Our strategic development is based on the circular economy model, which enables value chain optimization, waste minimization, and value creation from by-products and substandard products. Along with providing delightful and high-quality meals, we have diligently researched and utilized abundant ingredients from Pangasius to bring collagen, gelatin, fish oil, fish food, and many more to customers. With this model, Vinh Hoan will aim towards implementing a zero-waste process. 

Along with sustainable development, Vinh Hoan aims to be a strong pillar of the community and a successful starting point for employees. Since then, our values have included environmental responsibility, community welfare, and bridging the gap between employees. To validate our words, we have executed many meaningful campaigns over the years, which include establishing a fund to help underprivileged families, awarding hundreds of valuable scholarships, sponsoring hospital equipment, and making a contribution to the anti-COVID-19 fund, providing training through valuable courses, and so on. 

Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Awards 2022 see here. 

Vinh Hoan top 50 doanh nghiep phat trien ben vung 2022

Vinh Hoan top 50 doanh nghiep phat trien ben vung 2022 1