Vinhwellness is known as the producer of the worlds’ first ASC certified Collagen with 100% natural, containing no artificial colors, flavors, additives, or preservatives and towards sustainability and ensure that aquaculture’s impact on wild fish populations, marine habitats, water quality and society can be significantly and measurably reduced.
We are proud to be a partner with the Engredo ApS in providing ASC Certificate Pangasisus – what help NORDBO Kollagen meets ASC’s strict standards throughout its entire supply chain. This is excellent example of fish by-products valorisation that comes from Sweden! Inekogruppen has launched the world’s first #ASCcertified collagen product sourced from ASC certified #pangasius at an annual event for the LIFE Europe health food store chain in Sweden under the brandname NORDBO Kollagen. The collagen is sourced from ASC certified pangasius and co-developed by the Danish company Engredo ApS.
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World’s First ASC Certified Collagen Supplement Launched in Sweden