The old adage “you are what you eat” naturally applies to fish as well. Selecting quality stock alone won’t guarantee quality fish. Good nutrition plays a critical role in ensuring a quality product and sustainable farming practices. Careful consideration is paid to ensuring the right feed is provided.
Our diet formulations are species-specific to ensure optimal nutrition and operating efficiency. There are also more immediate business consequences to feed selection since fish feed can account for over 75% of a farmer’s total production costs. However, cutting corners on feed will only increases costs down the track due to the multitude of risks that invariably results from poor aquaculture.
Much of our farmers’ training focuses on feed and feeding. Specifically, the importance of selecting feed to ensure quality fish growth without risking the costly consequences of excessive water quality degradation and damage to the surrounding ecosystem. Consequently, the choice of feed also has a significant impact on an aqua-farm’s overall environmental profile. Vinh Aquaculture takes both factors into consideration. We are constantly experimenting with new feed formulations to achieve healthy fish and a healthy environment. This research is applied to the feed mixes created for our own farms, which are produced under strict controls. Over the past two decades, Vinh Aquaculture has witnessed great progress in feed science and we anticipate even greater achievements moving forward.