“To meet the food demand of a growing global population, both land and water resources will continue to be under heavy stress. The way in which the traditional food production systems have fed growing populations is not sustainable, and thus significant changes are needed to ensure a higher quality of life for the next generations of the 21st century. Production of food through aquaculture is a beacon of hope to help solve this challenge.”

As Vietnam currently ranks as the no. 4 aquaculture producer of the world, it has currently plays a key role in in global food security and has the potential to contribute more.  

In this context, innovation and entrepreneurship will play a key role in driving a durable sector not only in Vietnam, but throughout Asia and across the wide production spectrum. Yet to realise ambitions and innovations access to finance and capital is of high importance.

As a pioneer in premium seafood industry, Vinh Hoan fully understands importance and value that innovation brings to our business development. We honorably endorse The Aquaculture Innovation Challenge as a sponsor in order to enable ground-breaking ideas in current sustainability challenges in the Vietnamese aquaculture sector.

The challenge targets to both Vietnamese and foreign individuals, students, start-ups, project teams, SME and other companies from all types of sectors (e.g. raw materials, manufacturing, services, information, human..) who are really passionate and dedicated for sustainable aquaculture industry.

The contest happens in 11th Mar until 6th Jun. Enlisted finalists will have chance to join in a boot camp and fine-tune their business plan under the guidance of business plan coaches and pitch gurus. All innovative ideas will be showcased to investors, financial institutes and donors in the development and aquaculture industry.

This challenge concept also reflects the efforts of all stakeholders for sustainable aquaculture and Vinh Hoan is not an exception.

Visit http://aquaculturechallenge.com for submission or further information.