The Groundfish Forum 2016 kicked off on October 11 at Hamburg, Germany, with the attendance of nearly 300 top executives from over 150 seafood companies all over the world.

The forum was first held in Hamburg in 1992, with fundamental purpose of improving understanding about global supply and consumption trends and development for groundfish products.

The Forum is exclusively open to senior executives of companies with substantial engagement in the processing of groundfish or the active marketing, distribution and sales of products made from groundfish to the final consumers. Groundfish includes the major capture species in international trade together with selected farmed finfish species.

This year, Ms. Nguyen Ngo Vi Tam – CEO of Vinh Hoan honorly presented about the pangasius industry, common discussions around this fish, and the outlook for aquaculture in Mekong Delta in particular. This is the first time Vinh Hoan is invited to the forum, as well as the first time when pangasius gets its place among other groundfish’s discussions.

The forum offers not only a unique opportunity to bring together the elite of the seafood industry, but also the epiphany to grasp a complete picture of the global supply and demand of the groundfish.    

Find out the presentation here: What you should know about pangasius in 12minutes?