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Operating effectively for 20 years with a fully integrated production model, the self-control of raw material supply and the stringent product quality management, Vinh Hoan is now the leading pangasius producer in Vietnam. Vinh Hoan brand has become well perceived and renowned in the global seafood market with its ability and commitment to provide high quality, safe, nutritious, delicious pangasius that are cultured under international sustainable standards.

From a customer portfolio of mere 5 customers in 1998, in 2016 that has grown to nearly 300 customers in more than 40 nations worldwide. Compounded annual growth rate of its export value in the last 20 years was 19%, in which the growth rate for the last 10 years (2007-2016) reached 15%, 2.5 times higher than the overall growth rate of the whole pangasius industry (at 6%).

There are 5 main groups of Vinh Hoan products:

The frozen pangasius products are main product group with high food safety and high quality, in specific Vinh Hoan has BRC, IFS, HALAL, BSCI, and ISO. Besides, Vinh Hoan’s pangasius products are also well-known thanks to its differences in the ability to supply internationally sustainable certified products including ASC and BAP 4 star.

Value-added products are a strategic product group. The Company has successfully developed and marketed product lines of breaded and marinated pangasius in the European, American and Asian markets. In 2016, we completed the construction of a value-added factory with a grilled fish production line with a capacity of 2,000 tons of finished products per year in the plans for sustainable sales growth.

Collagen and gelatin are new product line that is produced by high-tech and maximizing the value of pangasius skin. The pangasius skin is a by-product derived from fillet production process. Collagen and gelatin products are promoted by the Company with the strength of controlling 100% of raw materials, the unique model in Vietnam and in the world, providing high quality and stable input protein source for industries of food, beverages, cosmetics and functional foods.

By-products including fishmeal, fish oil, and feed are supplied to cattle feed and there are some other by-products such as stomachs, air bladder and fish fin.

Other products include barramundi, tilapia, shrimp and some other raw materials. Besides the traditional pangasius fillet, the aquatic species (barramundi, tilapia, and shrimp) play an important role in the Company’s product diversification strategy.

Vinh Hoan’s products are available in almost major retailers and food distribution channels around the world. The Company has demonstrated the ability to meet thoroughly buyers’ requirements on product quality, food safety and customer services; therefore, is known as a reputable producer that meets the strictest requirements on product quality management and the best system of infrastructure and staffs. The Company’s network of sales and markets has been developed over the years on the global scale with a total of 40 export markets in 2016. In the main markets, Vinh Hoan holds a high or highest market share and position in the pangasius industry.

In the US market, Vinh Hoan has built a network of customers and developed its reputation for many years. The Company’s products are available in well-known retail chains such as Walmart, Target, Trader Joe, and Kroger, and are distributed by leading US food service companies such as Sysco and US Food Service.

In Europe, Vinh Hoan is a leading brand supplying the products to the premium market segment that has stringent requirements for inspection on farming and processing facilities, and international certifications. The Company’s products are available at supermarkets such as Tesco, Aldi, Sainsbury, Casino and Metro.

In emerging markets and fast-growing China, since 2015, the Company has established a local sales office with staffs who understand well the local culture and market. The Company has rapidly expanded its distribution channels directly into Chinese restaurant chains in 2016.

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hoi cho Vietfish 2014

(Photo credit: Vinh Hoan) Vinh Hoan’s booth at Vietfish 2015 (SECC, 24-26/08/2015)

hoi cho Vietfish 2015(Photo credit: Vinh Hoan) Vinh Hoan’s booth at Vietfish 2016 (SECC, 03-05/08/2016)