Onigiri Rice Balls_VINH FOODS

Vinh Hoan, one of Vietnam’s top pangasius exporting firms, has announced the launch of a new product that will be featured at the 2018 Seafood Expo Global in Brussels, Belgium.
The company’s Onigiri set features the company’s premium pangasius featured in a dish famous in Japanese cuisine. Inspired by a traditional yet highly popular dish originating in Japan, the Oingiri set combines fragrant Japanese rice with the savory grilled Vietnamese pangasius. Besides the traditional onigiri, the company is also offering versions of its pangasius Onigiri set with carrot and spinach. All of the Onigiri sets featured the company’s savoury Vietnamese grilled pangasius with kabayaki sauce marinated inside. With no preservatives and zero transfats, “this healthful trio is truly an exclusive Asian culinary experience,” Ngo Nguyen Vi Tam, CEO of Vinh Hoan, said.
“Putting the convenience on top, just one-and-a-half minutes in the microwave and you can enjoy this delicious meal, full of flavors and nutrition,” Tam said.
The Onigiri sets will be on display at Vinh Hoan’s exhibition booth at Seafood Expo Global in Brussels from 24-26 April,2018.
“Since our introduction of a newly invested fish-grilling line, Vinh Hoan has been developing a wide variety of fully cooked, ready-to-eat product concepts based on our source of sustainably farmed pangasius,” Tam said. “We are committed to sharing the views of our customers to provide the best quality products with the highest value. Our new products have been thoroughly researched based on the consumers’ demands for healthy and delicious food options, with a focus on quality assurance and environmental sustainability.”
Founded in 1997 in Vietnam, Vinh Hoan operates an integrated value chain focused on pangasius farming, including a hatchery, processing and value-added facilities, as well as collagen, gelatine, and by-products production. Vinh Hoan exports its products globally to more than 100 countries and territories.
Understanding new and growing demand from its customers, Vinh Foods – a division of Vinh Hoan – is engaged in researching and developing value-added products that are convenient, healthy, and nutritious.
For more information on Vinh Hoan or its products, visit https://vinhfoods.com/ or contact sales manager Ms. Phan Thi Kim Hoa by phone at +84 (0) 908 599 710 or via email at hoa.phan@vinhhoan.com.