The Groundfish Forum serves as a meeting place for leading members of the global groundfish industry. The fundamental purpose of the Forum is to increase understanding among participants in the groundfish industry about global supply and consumption trends and developments for groundfish products.

The first Groundfish Forum was held in Hamburg, Germany, in October 1992. Since then, the Forum has been held annually in October in various European cities. The 26th Groundfish Forum is held on October 1012, 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal.

The Groundfish Forum is open to senior executives of any company which is substantially engaged in the processing of groundfish or the active marketing, distribution and sale of products made from groundfish to the final consumers. Groundfish includes the major capture species in international trade together with selected farmed finfish species. Forum attendance is limited to about 250 participants.

This is the second year Vinh Hoan’s CEO – Ms. Nguyen Ngo Vi Tam – being invited to the prestigious Groundfish Forum. She delivered a speech on Vietnam pangasius supply and market update, as well as the current challenges faced by the industry in key exporting markets.


Ms. Tam taking photo shoot with other guest speakers at GroundFish Forum 2017 – Credit: Vinh Hoan Corporation