Pangasius, known affectionately as the “river catfish” or “tra fish,” boasts an impressive selection of industrial cuts that delight home cooks and professional chefs alike. Crafted to perfection, these cuts offer unparalleled convenience and excellence in every culinary creation.

One of the most beloved cuts is the fillet, celebrated for its tender, mild flavor and adaptability in various cooking techniques. Pangasius fillets grace dishes worldwide, from grilling to baking, frying to steaming, captivating the palates of seafood enthusiasts globally.

Equally cherished is the loin cut, renowned for its firm texture and heightened richness compared to fillets. Ideal for grilling or pan-searing, pangasius loins maintain their shape flawlessly, delivering a succulent, flavorful bite with every dish.

Furthermore, pangasius presents itself in steak cuts, perfect for indulgent meals and outdoor barbecues. These thick, bone-in cuts offer a satisfying mouthfeel and an abundance of savory flavor, satisfying the cravings of those seeking a hearty seafood experience.

In essence, the diverse array of industrial cuts of pangasius caters to a wide spectrum of culinary preferences, ensuring that every meal is an exquisite delight. Whether you prefer the delicate finesse of a fillet, the robustness of a loin, or the indulgence of a steak, pangasius promises endless opportunities for culinary satisfaction.