Flaky on the inside and crispy on the outside, these fish fingers are easy to make, kid-friendly, and can be served in various ways.

What you’ll need 

  • Vinh Foods Fish Finger 
  • Bread Rolls 
  • Fresh tomatoes, Friese Lettuce – shredded for serving 
  • Chipotle mayo or spicy mayo, for serving 
  • Red cabbage, coriander or micro greens for garnish 

2 persons 

Preparation and cooking time: 15 mins 

How to make it 

1. Cooked required amount of frozen Vinh Foods Fish Fingers following packet direction. 

2. Slice each bread roll in half lengthways. Spread half the roll with fresh tomatoes and Friese Lettuce.  

3. Then combined Chipotle mayo or spicy mayo. Top with shredded red cabbage, and cooked Fish Fingers. Garnish with coriander leaves. Serve immediately.