On November 13, 2018, the State Securities Commission had fully received Vinh Hoan Corporation’s reports on selling Treasury shares.

Treasury shares selling scheme:

  1. Total Treasury shares held before transaction: 102,060 shares
  2. Most recent Treasury shares transaction: Purchased 102,060 shares from February 04-19, 2016
  3. Most recent share offering/issuing closing date: July 18, 2013
  4. Total Treasury shares registered for selling: 102,060 shares
  5. Purpose of selling Treasury shares: To supplement working capital
  6. Expected transaction time: 29/11/2018-28/12/2018
  7. Transaction method: Put through and (or) order matching on Hochiminh Stock Exchange (HOSE)
  8. Price determination method: In accordance with regulations of HOSE
  9. Number of shares transacted daily: In accordance with regulations of HOSE and current Law
  10. Price (price range): Based on market price at the transaction time and in accordance with regulations of HOSE
  11. The securities company authorized as agent for executing Treasury shares selling transaction: Hochiminh Securties Company (HSC)