This is indeed a comforting recipe — the spices are pleasantly fragrant but mellow; the texture of the rice is soft. And it looks lovely, too. The dish also has a really nice variety of textures — juicy carrot, colorful corn kernels, and green peas combined with soft rice. A friendly, tasty dish all around. 

What you’ll need 

  • Vinh Foods Lemon and Herb Marinated Fish Fillet 
  • Jasmine Rice – well cooked 
  • Carrot – diced and cooked 
  • Corn Kernels and Green Peas – rinsed, drained, and cooked 
  • Green Onions – thinly sliced or finely chopped 
  • Ketchup (optional) 
  • Cilantro/Coriander (for garnish) 

2 persons 

Cooking time: 25 mins 

How to make it 

1. Cook the Lemon and Herb Marinated Fish Fillet following packet directions. 

2. Place Corn Kernels & Green Peas, Carrots, and cooked Rice into a bowl, then toss gently. 

3. Garnish the rice mixture with finely chopped Green Onions and Cilantro. 

4. Add a tablespoon of ketchup on rice if need. The ketchup is not overpowering at all, just melds together with other flavors. 

5. Top with cooked Fish Fillet and serve.  

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