On June 13, 2016, Vietnam’s Prime Minister – Nguyen Xuan Phuc – made a visit to Vinh Hoan Collagen’s factory during his trip to Dong Thap Province.

During his factory visit, PM observed the gelatin and collagen peptides assembly lines. Gelatin and collagen peptides are hydrolized proteins synthesized from pangasius (aka. Vietnam’s catfish). These products have increasingly popular applications in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, confectioneries, neutraceuticals,etc…with profit margin significantly higher than plain pangasius fillets. Dong Thap Province has the largest pangasius farming area and most developed pangasius processing in Vietnam. For many years, most companies here process and export plain fillets, with margin stabilized in recent years. Development of value-added products and optimization of by-products are long-term strategies needed for the whole industry to sustain. With awareness of collagen and gelatin’s potentials (global market revenue forecast at USD427m and USD809m respectively by 2020) (*), Vinh Hoan was the first-of-its-kind in Vietnam to have in-depth research into various applications of pangasius skin and manufacture the products at industrial scale with 85% ownership of Vinh Hoan Collagen. The factory has obtained GMP-WHO, HALAL MUI Certificate and EU code to export to EU countries. Taking advantage from its integrated supply chain, Vinh Hoan’s collagen has single-source raw material (pangasius skin) and gelatin obtains the highest grade (pharma-grade); with many orders placed from large markets: Japan, US, EU, Thailand,..

PM highly appreciates the efforts and the endeavour Vinh Hoan has made. He also calls for provincial supporting program and policies for Vinh Hoan Collagen’s business in particular, and similar high-tech agri business in general to enable innovations ; emphasizing “Without turning into value-added business, success will be harder to achieve”

He wishes Vinh Hoan to reach further and higher in the future.

(Source: http://mnews.chinhphu.vn/story.aspx?did=256230)