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Vinh Foods, a division of Vinh Hoan, provides convenient and premium seafood sourced from our sustainable aquaculture. The attention to detail goes into responsibly raising production of our seafood – strict pond management, strict farming standards, animal welfare, and transparent traceability under the international standards covering fingerlings, feed, raw material fish to processing.

After years of sustained growth, Vinh Foods is well-known for its two primary product lines: Premium Fillets and Added-Value Products. We want to meet customers’ daily needs optimally when that today’s fast-paced way of life has limited the cooking time of consumers. 

Not only satisfied with dominating the market through environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and superior product quality, but Vinh Foods also strives to earn prestigious certifications such as the following: BAP 4-Star and ASC certified, traceable to source and batch; This is how Vinh Foods establishes its position practically and specifically.

During more than two decades of worldwide export experience, globally and proudly, Vinh Food is present in 50 markets and satisfies the most demanding customers.




Wild Pangasius has been a popular local fish for centuries thanks to its tasty flavor and firm texture. Thus, it is a unique species in that it is perfect for sustainable aquaculture. Pangasius is one of the healthiest farmed fish with one of the smallest environmental footprints when properly managed.

Due to exceptional quality, Vinh Foods’ Premium Pangasius is sufficient to meet even the most distinguished customers and true foodies.

After processing, Vinh Foods’ products are left with the finest natural white, boneless fillets that are plump and firm, durable, convenient for your ideal meals. Additionally, traceability contributes to product quality, product recalls, inventory tracking, and, most importantly, good safety.
These top white fillets are juicy, smooth, and quite mild. The flavor is so delicate that almost any cooking or seasoning is possible. Therefore, following several years of constant change and development, today, Vinh Foods’ Premium Pangasius perfectly illustrates our successes.

Added - Value


Today, the consumers of health and wellbeing are very proactive—and even gradual. They like healthy and appetizing cuisine cooked at home. They look for creations with higher expectations for a high-quality presentation at the restaurant and the traditional taste of a favorite family meal.

Vinh Foods is designed to provide a range of choices to save time while cooking to modern customer lifestyles. Our various options, including breaded and marinated products, are perfect for every taste. Moreover, Vinh Hoan is proud to have developed a fully-cooked, ready-to-eat Pangasius fish solution successfully.

Our products of Pangasius are ideal for lunch or dinner in families or large bistro and coffee shops. With Vinh Foods’ ready-to-cook and fully-cooked, you will have more time to do what you love because your time is precious.

Additionally, this is an outstanding choice for businesses because Vinh Foods offers an Added-Value Product that allows customers to customize the size and shape of fish fillets. Vinh Foods, in collaboration with an experienced research team, is continuously launching new product lines to fulfill all customer needs. Owing to this adaptable and responsive strategy, our customers are extremely diverse, ranging from high-end restaurant chains to restaurants, cafes, and ordinary families.